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Clients Are Like Family

Clients Are Like Family

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Personalized Consultation

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Relatable Representation

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Andrei Blakely has been an attorney since 2013. He is licensed in Maryland and The District of Columbia. He represents clients in Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Child Support, Alimony), Trademarks And IP, Criminal Defense (Theft, Assault, Simple Drug Possession, Initial Appearances) and DUI cases. Prior to attending law school he worked as a newspaper reporter for several years.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College, a Masters of Journalism from the University of Maryland College Park, and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore.

Attorney Andrei Blakely treats each of his clients with the respect and individual attention they deserve, and prides himself on providing the highest possible level of legal representation. Andrei always puts his clients first and ensures that you understand all of your legal options.



Attorney Blakely Serves And Represents Clients In Montgomery County And Baltimore Metropolitan Area

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Protecting your legal rights and those you love can be a difficult task to accomplish without having a full understanding of the law and the options available to implement. At the Law Office of Andrei Blakely, attorney Andrei Blakely has years of experience assisting families and individuals in need of expert and personalized services in matters relating to family law, criminal defense, and intellectual property. Attorney Blakely understands that protecting your rights, loved ones, and interests starts by choosing a knowledgeable attorney you can trust.

When choosing legal representation, it is essential to select someone who prioritizes your goals and objectives. Through strategic planning and proactive solutions, attorney Blakely has represented numerous clients with great success. His aim is to provide exceptional advocacy and counsel with uncompromising commitment.

At the Law Office of Andrei Blakely, Attorney Blakely Serves And Represents Clients In Montgomery county and Baltimore metropolitan area.

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Legal Answers

  • I suggest you speak to an attorney who can review the cases against you. I would need additional information. Are the cases related to a paternity test? If so, the court would have to decide how to proceed.

    If the cases are open but dormant, the court might be able to close the cases as a procedural matter. If the court scheduled upcoming court dates in the cases, you could resolve these issues at the court date. Or you could file an answer or opposition to any motion that is pending if there is a pending motion.

  • The easiest way to accomplish your goal of spending summers or more time with your son after he enters school, is to reach an agreement with his mother. She might agree that his schedule will change when he enters school. As for launching a modification case, the previous responder is correct about how tricky it can be to establish a change in circumstances. It is important that you have successfully co-parented with your ex-wife. I think after your son enters school and you have evidence that the schedule is not working for him, then you should consider filing a modification. It would be difficult to file without such evidence.

  • I agree with the previous answer. I will add that you can petition the court to change your last name in a separate action. You would have to file a petition to change the name and then wait for the court to issue you a notice of the change. Then you would have to publish the notice once in a newspaper of general circulation. Then you would have to file a certificate of publication and wait for a court decision.

    A 12-month separation is not the only ground to use for attaining a divorce. An attorney could go over with you any other options you might have.

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