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The law protects creation and innovation that results in intellectual property. Intellectual property can be any design, creative work, or invention that is crafted by human intellect. An example of intellectual property is a trademark. Trademarks identify a business’s brand, products, or services through words, phrases, designs, symbols, sounds, or color schemes. If you have a matter that involves a trademark, a trademarks and IP lawyer should be consulted for assistance. Discussing your particular case with a trademarks and IP lawyer who is well-versed in this legal sector is highly recommended.

What Does It Mean To Trademark A Business, Product, Name Or Logo?

A trademark is a way of using any word, symbol, design, or combination of these to identify a source of goods or services. It is a way of asserting the business logo, name, or symbol or, at least establishing those things as an authentic representation of that business, linked to that business for the duration of that trademark. A trademark can be licensed and held as an owned piece of property that the person has established for their business. It means that the identity of the business is tied to that symbol and that logo. Read More

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