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What Are The Common Types Of Criminal Cases That Your Firm Handles in Maryland?

I do a lot of panel work in Montgomery County and Anne Arundel County, where cases are paneled to me because the public defender’s office has a conflict. I’ve handled theft cases (such as from Target or other clothing stores), minor burglary cases, minor drug cases, domestic violence cases, and DUI cases. I have handled several hundred initial appearances, where I represent defendants who have been arrested, and I make a case for their release on bail, pretrial release conditions, or their own personal recognizance.

What Generally Happens In The First 24 to 72 Hours Of A Criminal Arrest?

After a criminal arrest, an individual will be booked, and their property will be taken from them and stored in a safe location. The individual will be allowed to make a phone call, and asked whether or not they need the services of an attorney at their initial appearance. Every defendant is screened for certain information, often about income, their living situation, and whether any health interventions are necessary. Some people have addiction or medical issues that need to be addressed. Then, the defendant will wait to see the commissioner, who will determine the conditions of their release. Sometimes they see more than one commissioner during the process.

Court commissioners are in every county. If a defendant does not qualify for release, then they will be held without bail. This might be the case if the commissioner believes they are a danger to others. Defendants accused of first-degree murder or first-degree rape are held automatically without bail, because those charges carry a life sentence. If the defendant is facing a minor charge, such as a minor drug charge or fine from a public transit violation, then they will most likely be released unless they have other inhibiting charges or matters.

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