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“Affordable Professional Representation-I hired Andrei to represent me for a custody case. The odds were stacked against me and I had lost faith in the judicial system based off a biased custody evaluation which would have stripped me of my rights of physical and legal custody of my boys. Andrei reassured me, helped me understand how the laws view fitness, and provided support when I needed to hold on to hope that the case was not lost before the hearing. He responded to concerning matters very quickly, and provided all evidence, in his cross examination, opened up truths that were being consealed by the opposing party, and the Judge ruled what was best for the children. I still share legal and full custody of my children , despite the reputation of the evaluator being held in high regard by the Court , the top dollar lawyer who was hired by the opposing party, and well known in the County. Andrei who was recommended by the bar association of Maryland, from the Baltimore jurisdiction, was affordable, fair, and I was pleased with his representation. I would highly recommend Andrei Blakely in family, and custody matters.”– Wendy

“Mr. Blakely is always understandable, polite, and moreover, professional in every interaction. He is able to maintain his composure under stressful circumstances and deliver his message in court. My outcome was favorable and I’ve kept him on retainer because I’m confident in the manner he handles my case. I would highly recommend him to oversee any critical family law case.”– Satisfied Customer

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