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Child Custody And Support

Family law is often one of the most sensitive and challenging areas one can find themselves in need of assistance with. This is especially true in cases of child custody disputes and determinations. Throughout a divorce, and even if disputes remain afterward, enduring a child custody battle can be an overwhelming and complex situation even in the best of times, only made worse if attempting to navigate the situation independently. However, this does not need to be the case. Hiring the best child custody lawyer to assist with your case in Baltimore, MD, can mean the difference between a favorable outcome and an even more challenging time moving forward with a resolution.

At the Law Office Of Andrei Blakely, you will find the pinnacle of professional service and support throughout the entirety of your child custody or support case. Andrei Blakely, Esq., understands that situations involving your children hit incredibly close to home and takes pride in offering his clients not only the legal advice and service they seek but the personal touch that each client's case deserves. So, to get started on a favorable resolution for your Baltimore child custody or support case as soon as possible, give our office a call to schedule an initial consultation.

Child Custody

Child Custody And Support

One of the most challenging aspects of a separation or divorce involving children is frequently the determination of the custody and support arrangements. Since this often presents such a point of contention, it is always wise to consult with a family law attorney for child custody to explore the options available to you and find a realistic set of expectations in resolving your case. One of the most significant factors the court takes into consideration when determining child custody arrangements in Baltimore, MD, is the best interest of said child.

While every parent would like to choose the arrangements themselves, the court will ultimately use factors like which parent is best suited for the child to spend the majority of their time with. This can be a variety of determinations, like whether the child would have to change schools, which parent will have the most stable living situation and several others. Since these determinations can be difficult to change in the future without a significant change of circumstances, getting a favorable and beneficial outcome for both the parent and child the first time is the ultimate goal. To accomplish this, the best route is to involve a child custody attorney in the case as soon as possible.

Child Support

When determining child support payments, the courts in Baltimore use a specific set of factors to calculate the payments and to whom the payments are made. To get an idea of how the situation may play out get and an estimate of what payments may be, consulting with a child support family law attorney is the most reliable way. However, the general rule of thumb is that the non-custodial parent will make the periodical payment to the custodial parent.

To calculate this price, the state of Maryland uses a calculator that accounts for factors like income, expenses of taking care of the child, and various other aspects like the child's specific needs and possible curricular and extracurricular activities. So, to clear up any confusion or get an estimate of what you can expect to see in court, call the Law Office Of Andrei Blakely today to get started.

What To Do Now

Under What Circumstances Can Custody Or Support Orders Be Modified In Maryland?

While resources available online offer comprehensive answers, they are seldom accurate to one's specific circumstances and unique case. For the most precise assessment of your situation, the best option is to contact the best child custody and support lawyer in the Baltimore, MD, area as soon as possible in the case. Once an initial consultation has been scheduled, we can discuss your situation, the goals you have in reaching a favorable outcome, and the best steps to take in proceeding. So call today to get started!

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