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Should I Hire A Family Law Attorney For Divorce Mediation In Baltimore, MD?

If you are beginning to pursue a divorce through the process of mediation, you are likely to have your head swimming with questions. What will the mediation process look like? How can I best protect my assets in divorce mediation? What if my divorce mediation fails?

With all these considerations and more, it’s clear why consulting with a family lawyer before the process of divorce mediation can be so beneficial.

For some, all that is needed is a meeting with a divorce attorney to ask questions and find answers regarding their concerns. For others, an attorney can provide a clear and consistent source of guidance throughout the mediation process.

How Can An Attorney Help Me Through My Divorce Mediation?

Family Lawyer Baltimore Maryland

Whether you choose to retain the services of an attorney throughout the mediation process or only meet for a few hours in a consulting appointment is up to you. However, in either case, taking the step to contact a family law firm is an incredibly helpful first step.

If you decide to pursue a consultation, you will have the opportunity to meet with an expert who can evaluate your case and advise you on your risks and areas of concern. Additionally, you will be able to find recommendations for any of the unique situations you may be dealing with.

If you make the decision to retain the services of an attorney throughout the mediation process – you will have access to continued counsel and more. In addition, choosing to retain an attorney at the onset of meditation allows you to have someone in your corner from the very beginning.

As mediation progresses, you can choose to have your lawyer sit in with you during mediation sessions, strategize in the negotiation process, and work with you throughout the divorce finalization process.

What Happens If Mediation Fails In Baltimore, MD?

If you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of your divorce through mediation, it is crucial to contact an attorney immediately if you have not already done so.

The benefit of having a lawyer on your team from “day one” is that you will not lose any time in the search for a lawyer who can take on your case and be the right fit. Having already been working with you, your attorney will be aware of the details of your case and be prepared to jump right in, taking whatever steps necessary.

If you have yet to contact a firm, now is the time to prioritize this step.

Consider the nature of the aspects of mediation that you could not reach an agreement on, and make sure that the attorney you are looking to work with has a specialty in that area.

For example, if you and your spouse were able to settle matters of your estate but could not come to a decision about your parenting plan, it is essential that your attorney practices as a child custody lawyer. Alternatively, if you could agree on your custody arrangement but found that mediation fell apart during negotiations of spousal support, seek out an attorney with specialized experience as an alimony lawyer.

Can I Agree To Waive Child Support In My Baltimore, MD Divorce Mediation?

Family Lawyer Baltimore Maryland

In the state of Maryland, as with most states in the U.S., child support cannot be waived. This is because child support payments are not seen as a benefit to the parent but a right of the child. In most cases, you can agree to pay more than the state-required amount of child support, but very rarely will you be allowed to settle on less.

If you are curious about your options regarding child support, you can find the clearest answer by speaking with a child support lawyer. An attorney who works in this field will have the specialized knowledge to provide you with accurate answers to the most complex question.

Law Office Of Andrei Blakely

At the Law Office Of Andrei Blakely, you are sure to find compassionate care and professional service for all of your family law needs. We offer comprehensive legal services for clients going through family law matters of every kind and would be pleased to speak with you about your case.

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