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What sets me apart is that I am solo—I don’t have a team working with me. I deal with the clients from start to finish myself, and I am available at any time of the day within reason to discuss any emergencies or questions that the client might have. While other attorneys might make themselves available, they may still lack that personal, hands-on relationship with each of their clients. At some point, I might have people to help me communicate, like a receptionist or a paralegal, but at the moment, I don’t. I’m the one working with the client, which has allowed me to help a lot of people who have an important question that cannot wait.

I am pretty straightforward with my clients, and I don’t have a system where I just generate their case. I’m trying to work with them and feed off of their interest. If they don’t have a strong case, I’ll tell them, and even if they do have a strong case, I still try to tell them in a way that doesn’t get their hopes up or give them false hope. I’m plain and simple with each client; I talk to them the way I would want an attorney to talk to me: honest and straightforward, but not harsher than would be appropriate. It’s a personable service that I provide, though I can’t say other attorneys can’t also provide that. I, nevertheless, try to be personable on a consistent basis.

I also think my background in journalism handling traumatic situations helps me understand clients going through important issues. I can empathize with them, drawing on my background. I’ve come across people who are not American citizens, people who are at different stages of their growing careers, people who have problems with their mental health, substance abuse issues, or medical issues. I was interested in becoming a psychologist when I was younger. Psychologists play a key role in family cases, as do sociologists. I feel stimulated by the personal circumstances that some people have to face that often interplay with family law cases. I have an old interest in helping people through those kinds of situations, or at least understanding those situations and seeing if the law could adapt to that kind of circumstance. My passion for finding the solution allows me to respond to their needs.

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Attorney Andrei Blakely spent nearly ten years as a journalist before settling down to practice family law in Baltimore and Montgomery County in Maryland. Attorney Blakely’s clear and straightforward communication gives a fresh perspective on topics critical to many Maryland families while rendering obscure and complex legal concepts accessible and empowering for his readers.

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