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Are you a forward-thinking entrepreneur or innovator seeking to safeguard your unique creations? In the competitive marketplace you find yourself, you need to be firing on all cylinders to maximize your business’ potential, even if one is in an area you’re not proficient in. Protecting your intellectual property is vital, and with the Law Office Of Andrei Blakely at your side, hassle-free.

In the Baltimore Metropolitan Area, MD, innovation thrives, as it does throughout many parts of the United States. Competition is king. Ensuring your intellectual assets are thoroughly protected is vital to your success in such a crowded field where an edge – regardless of how small it may seem – can pay immense dividends toward your pathway to success and market dominance. Opt for this route over willingly maintaining an open vulnerability.

Managing this on your own can be incredibly challenging and intimidating. With so much legal jargon, it can be as though you’re learning a new language. Moreover, with so much money and potential riches on the line, you have to deal with countless dishonest actors, some of whom won’t hesitate to lie to extract anything and everything they can from you.

Partner with a skilled and trustworthy trademark lawyer. They can offer you so much, and compared to what you may be out if you don’t, for next to nothing, relatively speaking. Andrei Blakely of the Law Office Of Andrei Blakely is one such lawyer with years of experience under his belt serving people just like you in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area.

Unpacking Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Lawyer, Baltimore Metropolitan Area, MD

Intellectual property is a relatively commonly used and widely recognized term, but do you have a thorough and accurate understanding of it? If you don’t, it makes perfect sense that you wouldn’t, assuming you’ve not really ever had to worry yourself with intellectual property law. But given that that might be changing, you need to get up to speed and have a grasp on at least some basic concepts.

Intellectual property law is the legal framework that governs the rights and protections you and everyone in the United States have regarding any creations or innovations you come up with. It protects intangible assets like inventions, works of art, designs, symbols, names, and images. The underlying purpose of this subset of the law is to cultivate innovation to improve society and spur economic growth. Intellectual property compromises of four primary segments, if you will, including:


These protect inventions and innovations, securing exclusive rights and privileges to patent holders. These rights cover the production, use, and sale of the thing covered by the patent in question.


These protect original works, such as literature, music, visual art, drama, software, architectural designs, and more. Similar to patents, copyrights grant exclusive rights pertaining to the production, distribution, performance, display, and adaptation of a work.


Things that are generally paired with a brand, such as special words, phrases, symbols, logos, and other designs, can be protected by trademarks. If they are, they are protected from other brands from using similar marks in a way that could be confusing to consumers.

Trade Secrets

Arguably the most unique segment of intellectual property, trade secrets are not publicly disclosed or shared. They protect things like coveted recipes, formulas, processes, methods, customer lists, or unique strategies that, if shared, would erode your competitive advantage over market competitors.

What A Trademark Lawyer Can Do For You

Intellectual Property Lawyer, Baltimore Metropolitan Area, MD

It’s not uncommon for many Americans to have a do-it-myself mentality. Although this mindset is generally good, it’s wise to realize when you may be outside of your depth. Partnering with a specialist such as a trademark infringement lawyer can significantly increase your chances of obtaining the results you not only want but need in your intellectual property disputes and safeguarding your brand's integrity and value. These happen more than you might expect.

But a trademark lawyer is invaluable even if you never experience something that rises to that level. The registration process is filled with jargon and red tape. Not having the point of reference a lawyer has when facing it can translate to your efforts being dead on arrival. I also save you incredible amounts of time by performing thorough searches and evaluations off the bat so you can hit the ground running.

Get The Protections You Need Today

Law Office Of Andrei Blakely

If you are in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area, MD, and find yourself searching trademark lawyer near me, look no further than Andrei Blakely. You can trust me with all of your intellectual property needs. Email or call me at (240) 331-0083 today to schedule a consultation. After getting to know you a little and a sense of your goals, I’ll immediately begin brainstorming a plan that makes those goals a reality.

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