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Divorce can be a traumatizing experience, especially when there are children involved. While you may be ready for the relationship to end, it is equally important to prepare for all the changes that will accompany it.

With a dedicated family attorney, you can better match today's decisions with your long-term goals. At the Law Office of Andrei Blakely, your long-term conditions are a huge factor in the plan we set forth today. While divorce is just a piece of the new life you are about to embark on, the choices made during this time will greatly affect your life in the future. We want to put you in the best position possible.

Who Gets Custody Of Our Children?

Any family court in Montgomery County, MD, will decide who gets custody of the children in a divorce by first assessing what is in the children's best interest. While the court may award full custody to one parent, our firm takes the approach of negotiating a custody agreement between both parties.

Several factors are considered when determining what the actual custody agreement will be. Work-life balance, income, and residence are only a few of the designated 25 or so factors that Maryland considers in making a custody determination.

Montgomery County, MD, family courts designate two different kinds of custody: legal custody and residential custody. While legal custody dictates who makes major life decisions for the children, residential custody is more concerned with the children's everyday lives. In addition, legal custody can either be granted as sole legal custody, in which one parent makes all of the legal decisions for the children or joint legal custody, in which both parents must come to an agreement.

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Working together to come up with a compromised child custody arrangement works best. That could look like a 50/50 residential custody agreement where the children spend weekdays with the parent who stays in the family home and weekends with the parent who moved out. It could also be for longer periods, say school year with one parent and summer with the other parent.

With years of experience with family law, the Law Office of Andrei Blakely is committed to finding the best solution for you and your children. It is important to remember that all custody cases are different, and the best advice will come from scheduling a consultation with our firm.

How Much Child Support Will Be Awarded After A Custody Agreement Is Reached?

In Montgomery County, MD, the law dictates that the non-custodial parent pay child support. A few aspects must be considered, but the amount of support can be negotiated.

The determination of which parent pays child support rests on which parent has the higher income and which parent has the most overnights with the children. There is a mathematical formula dictated by law that determines the amount of support. Extremely high medical expenses, along with health insurance and daycare expenses, are all costs that are taken into consideration when determining the amount of support granted.

Keep in mind that child support can be granted temporarily before the divorce trial. It can also be granted if both parties have already negotiated child support. The parent granted custody can file for child support after divorce proceedings if they hadn't previously filed.

Family Law Attorney, Montgomery County, MD

While the determination of child support dictates who pays, how much, and when, there are instances in which the parent ordered to pay doesn't follow through on those obligations. In cases of non-payment, the Child Support Enforcement Administration, staffed by attorneys, can assist in helping parents file for contempt in which the parent ordered to pay will face the consequences.

Having an experienced family law attorney to assist in the negotiation of child support is the best option. Serving Montgomery County, MD, the Law Office of Andrei Blakely ensures that all necessary steps and bases are covered for a smooth divorce trial. It is especially important to lead with compassion and knowledge in custody agreement cases.

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The impending changes that stem from divorce can be challenging. Ensuring your children and you are well supported through the entire process is a commitment that the Law Office of Andrei Blakely takes seriously.

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