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Child custody law cases are serious matters requiring the support of an experienced and compassionate legal team to protect the best interest of the children involved. Whether the goal is to keep a family together or get a child in an environment that will be most safe and nurturing, we have the astute legal knowledge to achieve the most satisfactory outcome. Family Law Attorney for Child Custody Mr. Blakely has been helping families with family law matters since 2013, so our team knows the importance of an expert attorney's role in the process.

Why Do I Need A Child Custody Law Firm On My Side?

The sensitive nature of family law matters, especially those related to child custody, often leads to high emotional tensions. Even the mere concept of being pushed to defend your suitability as a parent can be mind-boggling and stressful. Sometimes, the circumstances become pretty heated. Why escalate the situation further? While you technically have the right to stand in court unrepresented by an attorney, doing so will only increase these already high tensions.

Hiring the best child custody lawyer in Howard County, MD, to negotiate on your behalf will eliminate the need for direct communication between two disputing parties. Our adept child custody law attorney will take the reigns of your case, doing all the fighting and battling for you so that you can save the peace of mind. Our firm will be by your side throughout the legal process, from court hearings to paperwork and documentation. We will counsel you on all matters and consider any of your thoughts, opinions, and concerns.

Child Custody Lawyer Howard County Maryland

Our top child custody law firm will also serve to protect the best interest of any children involved with a case. Our team cares genuinely about the families we work with and the safety, security, and happiness of your children. We will function to ensure equity and de-escalate any false narratives or manipulative situations if they arise in your case. Overall, remaining focused on the children's best interest is at the heart of what we do at the Law Office Of Andrei Blakely.

Child Custody Laws In Howard County, MD

There are two main types of child custody. Sole custody is granted when a single parent becomes responsible for a child. Joint custody occurs when two parties can hold child custody together. In Maryland, several routes can determine child custody in a family court.

One option for disputing parents in Howard County, MD, is mediation with the guidance of a child custody law attorney. Mediation is a process in which both parents meet with an objective third party to negotiate an arrangement that both parents are comfortable with. A competent mediator will be able to lead each party through the legal process, giving both parties the chance to examine all possible options and agree on the arrangement that has the best interests of the children at heart.

Expertise In Maryland Child Support Cases

Child Custody Lawyer Howard County Maryland

The complex Maryland Child Support Guidelines determine each parent's respective child support obligations. Many factors are included in these guidelines, which ultimately define child support obligations. These factors include each parent's expenses, income, healthy or unhealthy relationship dynamics that may be present, and more.

Determining the expenses of each parent alone is very complex in itself as the listed expenses that fall within the child support obligation are extensive, and Maryland Child Support Guidelines may change over time. Due to this, the knowledge and support of a child custody attorney are necessary for accuracy and efficiency in identifying and fetching documentation of these expenses.

Costs that may belong within the child support commitment include many monetary obligations starting with the cost of food, shelter, and clothing. However, it can also include the fees of school supplies, tutoring, the price of a college dormitory, and even recreational expenses. If you are unsure what may or may not be required as a child support obligation, it is best to verify your circumstances with a family child support lawyer.

To ensure that your child gets the best child support possible in Howard County, MD, call us today and schedule your first consultation.

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