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What Reasons Do I Need A Family Law Attorney for Child Custody?

To best represent your interests in a court of law, you must take advantage of employing the best child custody lawyer in Fredrick County, MD. First of all, an experienced family law attorney for child custody is highly familiar with the court's operating procedures. In addition to having extensive knowledge and background in that specific area of the law, an attorney for child custody is also highly trained and experienced in negotiation.

If you currently face a family law-related matter and are considering proceeding without professional representation, suppose that your opposing party may be consulting with an attorney. Remember that attorneys are well-versed in negotiation, and family law attorneys are experts in forming child custody arguments. If your opponent in court hires a child custody law attorney and you do not have anyone experienced on your side, the odds of success in negotiations decrease significantly.

For example, suppose you have a background of drug abuse or a history of past convictions. Or, perhaps the opposing party is attempting to establish a false narrative about you. In that case, it's certainly in your best interest to employ the aid of an experienced attorney to explain why these statements should not impact the court's decision.

Process For Obtaining Child Custody In Fredrick County, MD

Child Custody Lawyer Frederick County Maryland

Under Maryland state law, there are various types of child custody. Sole custody is assigned when it has been determined that it is in a child's best interest for only a single parent to remain in legal or physical custody. Sole custody is assigned when one of the two parents will no longer have the authority to make decisions on behalf of their children. However, they may still be allowed visitation rights.


When parents must split up specific responsibilities, physical and legal custody assignments may come into play. When applied to sole custody, physical and legal custody assignments can go three ways. In Fredrick County, Maryland, the three types of sole custody are sole legal custody, sole physical custody, and sole legal and physical custody.

Regarding sole legal custody, only a single assigned parent is responsible for addressing all critical decision-making on behalf of the children. When it comes to sole physical custody, one parent is responsible for sheltering their children and providing routine care. Finally, sole legal and physical custody is when a single parent has full authority over decision-making and the responsibility of providing shelter and daily care.

Similar to sole custody, joint custody can look three different ways. First, joint legal custody is when both parents must share the responsibility of making important decisions for their children. This must be upheld even when only one parent has sole physical custody. Second, joint physical custody is when the child lives with each parent for separate periods. According to Maryland state guidelines, the child must spend at least 35 percent of their time with each parent in these collaborative physical custody situations. Finally, joint legal and physical custody occurs when both parents have combined authority over important decisions for the child and the shared responsibility of providing shelter and everyday care for the child.

Child Custody Lawyer Frederick County Maryland

There are many factors considered in Maryland's formula for determining child custody. Our job is to make sure we are hitting every base, so you don't miss a single pertinent detail. Maryland family courts will determine the child custody arrangements, and each parent will have at least one of the previously mentioned custody roles by the end of the case. The final decision will ride mainly on the children's best interests. To accurately determine the children's best interest, the expertise of a custody family lawyer is invaluable. A child custody law firm can craft a firmly documented case that proves your desire and ability to care for the child and your emotional bond with the child.

It is usually best to resolve child custody through mediation to avoid the court assigning unsatisfactory child custody roles. Additionally, our child custody law attorney can assist with mediation. In mediation, you can negotiate the terms you desire and discuss any concerns with the hope of resolving child custody with as little court intervention as possible. In the best case, you and your co-parents may agree on terms everyone can accept.

Contact our office for a consultation if you would like additional information on how our child custody law firm can provide you with a child support lawyer, child custody expertise, or a mediator for your family law matter.

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